Canvas for Instructors

Course Analytics

Canvas offers a variety of analytics that can be viewed for each course to provide the instructor with information on their students.

  • To access the analytics of the course bring up the homepage of the course and click on View Course Analytics.

View course analytics button

  • This will bring up a screen showing the broad analytics for the course.

Course analytics page

  • Here you will be able to see:
    • The activity that the site has seen on a day by day basis.
    • The percentage of students that have turned in an assignment, green is ontime, orange is late, and red is missing.
    • The bottom section shows the distribution of grades for each assignment in the form of a vertical box and whisker plot.
  • At the bottom of the page is also a list of the students with some basic analytics for them.

Student analytics page

  • To bring up a more detailed view you can click on individual students to bring up analytics specific to that student.

Individual student analytics page

  • Similar to the course analytics, the activity section will show how many page views a student had on a particular day and if they performed an action within the course.
  • The communication portion will show any communications that the student had with the instructor based on the date.
  • The assignments section will show assignments when they were due, if the assignment had no due date it will display when the student submitted the assignment.
  • The grades section is the same box and whisker display but instead no focuses on the grade of that particular student on the plot.

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