Canvas for Instructors


The Canvas Chat function is an open interface that allows members of a Canvas course to communicate amongst each other in real time. Below is a diagram of the interface and a list of its features.

Canvas chat interface

  1. This is the chat area, where messages from students will appear in real time. The chat area is refreshed each day, and previous messages are recorded in the chat history (see item #3)
  2. This is the message area, where users may input messages to be sent to other members of the Canvas course. Although HTML coding do not work here, website URLs and e-mail addresses will be automatically converted to links.

    To send a message, users can hit "Enter" or "Return" on their keyboard, or click the "Send" button. Holding the "Shift" key before clicking the "Enter" or "Return" key will create a line break.
  3. This link takes users to the chat history in a new tab of the internet browser. Previous messages are listed here, and sorted by date.
  4. This is the active users area, where the online course members are listed.