Canvas for Instructors

Add/Remove Users

To add, remove, or otherwise manage the course's users, click the People link on the left side navigation menu.

Canvas course navigation menu

To add members to your course, go to People, which will show all current participants in your course/section(s), then click on the Add People button.

Add People button

A pop-up window will appear prompting you to enter a list of email addresses you want to add to your course, as well as designating what role you want to apply to these email addresses and which section you wish to put these members into.

**Note**: When typing/pasting email addresses, use this format: DO NOT use an @UWB.EDU.

window for adding people in Canvas

After typing/pasting the email address(s) and choosing the role and section, click Next. Canvas will then verify if the email address(s) are valid, and if they are, you can click Add Users to enroll them or Start Over to begin the process over again.

After enrollment is confirmed, you can Add More Users or return to the People page by clicking on Done.

An email will be sent out to notify users of their enrollment. Until they have confirmed their enrollment, their status on the People page will say "Pending".

To remove users from your course, or otherwise manage them, roll over the user you seek to remove or manage and click the gear icon that is displayed. Then, use the menu selections to remove or otherwise manage the user:

Settings box with options


want help button