Lecture Capture

Important: UW is transitioning to a new lecture capture system called Panopto. If you are planning to record new lectures, we recommend that you use Panopto. To learn more about Panopto, go to our tutorials or contact Learning Technologies at learningtech@uwb.edu. Tegrity will remain available through Fall quarter to give instructors time to move Tegrity recordings  to the new Panopto system. Recordings need to be moved prior to the start of Winter quarter in January 2015.

Moving your Tegrity videos to Panopto: To have UW Seattle IT move your Tegrity videos to Panopto, you must fill out this survey.  UW Seattle IT has said that only videos created before Dec. 5 will be moved. Unfortunately, there isn’t  a way to move your videos over manually, so if you want to reuse your Tegrity videos after Tegrity is gone, you’ll need to fill out the survey. 

UW Seattle also has a FAQ set up for the transition that might answer any other questions you may have.

Panopto Tutorial Homepage

Tegrity Tutorial Homepage