Structure Differences between Tradtional and Hybrid Courses

At UW Bothell, we define hybrid courses as those where 25% - 50% of the traditional face-to-face class time is replaced with online or out-of-class work.

For instance, a course that traditionally meets twice a week face-to-face would instead meet once a week face-to-face, with the rest of the course activities online.


Monday (In-Class):

  • Discuss readings 
  • Form Groups
  • Quiz #2

Wednesday (In-Class):

  • Turn in assignment #3
  • Group discussions



Monday (In-Class):

  • Discuss readings 
  • Form groups
  • Quiz #2

Wednesdays (Online):

  • Submit assignment #2 online
  • Submit discussion responses online
  • Collaborate with groups online

UW Bothell faculty can replace up to 50% of face-to-face class time with online activites and work without needing to go through the curriculum review process.

Did You Know?

Nine out of 10 of UW Bothell students are from the state of Washington.