Presentation Overview

Google presentations infterface

With presentations, collaborators can create and edit slideshows. Google provides different themes to choose from before creating a presentation and a variety of tools to edit texts and insert media. 

Presentation Toolbar

New slide button

 New Slide Adds a new slide to the presentation. Clicking on the arrow provides   options for types of slides

Undo button

Undo Reverts to the last action you made

Redo button Redo Undo's the last undo you made

Paint brush button Paint Format Extends the toolbar for options that modifies shapes & lines

Zoom button Zoom Makes the slide bigger or smaller for editing purposes

Select button Select Allows you to choose different objects on the slide

Text box button Text Box Inserts a text box on the slide

New image button Image Inserts a new image on the slide

Add shapes button Shapes Inserts shapes, arrows, callouts, or equations to the slide

Line tool Lines Inserts lines, arrows, curves, polylines, or scribbles to the slide

Communicating with Presentations


When multiple collaborators are present in the document, click on the Chat button button on the top right to chat about your work. The chat box will appear at the bottom right of the presentation. Click on the Settings button button to edit notification settings.


Comments bubble

Clicking on the Adding a comment button button inserts a comment on the slide. Collaborators can respond, edit, and resolve comments.

Send Email

Another way to communicate to collaborators, though not directly on the document, is to send them an email. Do this by going to File > Email Collaborators. This is a convenient way to send reminders to collaborators who do not check the presentation often.

Sending email window