Canvas for Instructors

Creating a Quiz

  • To create a new quiz for your course, simply click on the quizzes tab of your canvas course
  • Click on the blue new quiz button on the top right hand corner of your quiz page

Create a new quiz button


  • Name your quiz in the text box at the top of the page

name of quiz


Settings Tab:

  • Now add instructions for the quiz for your students to follow

Creating a question


  • You can edit many different aspects of your quiz under the settings tab

      1. Change the type of quiz (Graded Quiz, Practice Quiz, Graded Survey, or Ungraded Survey)

      2. Change the Assignment Group

      3. Shuffle the answers, add a time limit, or let your student attempt the quiz multiple times

      4. Change when and how your students will view their answers as well as the correct answers

      5. You can allow the questions to be viewed one at a time

      6. Lastly you can edit the restrictions to the access of your quiz

Quiz Settings


  • Next you can choose the due date for the quiz. You can change who the quiz is for, when it is due, when it is available for students to take and when it closes.

Quiz Due Date


  • Lastly, click the save button at the bottom of the page to save your quiz

Save button


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