Creating and Using Question Banks


Question banks serve to store all the questions that are used in quizzes in Canvas.

Creating a Question Bank

  • To create a question bank, first click on Quizzes on the left navigation panel to bring up the quiz section.
  • Next click on the Manage Question Bank button in the right menu bar.

Manage question banks button

  • This will bring up a list of your question banks; all previously created questions have been stored automatically under "Unfiled Questions".
  • Click on Add Question Bank, then type in the name of the bank and press enter.

Add question bank question

Add bank name

Note: Clicking anywhere while naming the bank will result in it not being created.

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Using Question Banks

  • Clicking on the name of a question bank will display all the questions inside.

Question bank interface

  • Here you can edit questions, by hovering over them and selecting the pencil, as you would in a quiz, or move/copy them to another bank.

On the right is a navigation menu for that bank.

Question bank options

  1. Creates a new question in your question bank and brings up the question editor as with adding questions to a quiz.

  2. Used to change the name of the question bank.

  3. This will allow you to move multiple questions and although the window that pops up says move/copy you will be unable to copy questions when using this feature.

  4. Deletes the question bank and all questions contained therein

  5. Bookmarks a bank so that the questions can be seen and used when in another course.

  6. This will align an outcome to the question bank to gauge the progress of students as they answer questions from the bank.

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Adding Questions From a Bank to a Quiz

  • Edit the quiz you with to add the questions to, or create a new quiz for the questions.
  • Once the edit screen comes up click on the questions tab at the top.

Questions tab

  • Now instead of clicking on New Question as you normally would, click Find Questions.
  • This brings up a window that shows all the question banks for the course as well as any you have bookmarked from other courses.

Find questions button

  • Click on the bank that contains the questions you wish to add.
  • This will display all the questions stored in that bank and you can select the ones you want to add to the quiz, either individually or by clicking select all.

Find question interface

  • Once you have chosen the questions that will be used, click Add Questions, at the bottom of the question list, and they will be added to your quiz.

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Reusing Quiz Questions in Another Course

Visit the guide on Canvas's Community Guide Page

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