Canvas for Instructors

Grading Surveys

  • Go to the Quizzes tab in your canvas course sidebar
  • Click on the survey you wish to view under the Surveys tab

pick a survey


  • Here you can find all of the information about your survey

survey info


  • Under the Related Items tab click on Moderate This Survey

moderate survey


Note: You are only able to view the student’s answers for an anonymous quiz by using the Moderate This Survey button. If the survey was not anonymous you can use SpeedGrader to view and add comments to student responses


  • Now click on the Student number from the directory of students

Student number

Note: If the survey was not anonymous the student numbers will be replaced by the student names

  • Now you are able to view their responses and add comments if you wish


Note: Students who complete the survey will receive full credit on every question regardless of their answer

  • If you wish to edit their points simply click on the point box in the top right hand corner and type in the points



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