Canvas for Instructors

Adding Questions

To add a question to the quiz, click on the Questions tab next to the Settings tab.

Questions tab

This will bring up the New Question button where you can add questions to the quiz.

New questions button

  1. Enter the question's title into the text box
  2. Select the type of question. These can include multiple choice, true/false, matching, essay, and other types of questions. In this example we are using Multiple Answers.
  3. Enter the total number of points the question is worth
  4. Type the question prompt.

 Adding a question interface

For our multiple answer question, students can select more than one answer. In this example, there are two correct answers as denoted by the green arrows next to the answer [1]. You can toggle whether an answer is correct/incorrect by hovering over the answer and clicking the green arrow.

Adding answers interface

To add an answer, click on the Add Another Answer button. To delete an answer, click on the garbage can icon [2].

The answers can be one line of text or include more text and images. Clicking on the pencil icon [2] will allow you to format the answers in the editor.

Comment icons

Clicking the comment icons shown above allow you to enter comments for the student to view after they submit their answers. The comment under the green icon will display if the student answers correctly. Likewise, the comment under the red icon will display if the student answers incorrectly. The grey icon is the generic neutral comment for questions that don't have a correct answer.

Comment interface

Questions that have been added to the quiz will be shown in the quiz overview. To rearrange the order of the questions, hover over the question and click and drag on the up/down arrow icon [1]. You can edit the questions by clicking the pencil icon [2].

Questions overview