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Ending a Canvas Course

Ending a Canvas Course

To end a Canvas course, you can put an end-date in the course details area. To do this:

  1. Go to your course's Settings page
  2. Click on Edit Course Details button
  3. Where it says Ends:, type in the date (and time, if you want to be even more specific) you would like the course to end. You can also click on Canvas calendar icon to visually select a date for when the course should end.

    Course edit details (course end date)

  4. When you are finished, click on Update Course Details

Removing Access to Sections of your Course

If you would like to remove access to certain parts of your Canvas course:

Note: Students will still be able to access any content available in these sections if they are available on the course homepage. To prevent this change the course homepage to "a Page I'll Design Myself"(using our tutorial on changing the homepage layout) and leave the page blank.

  1. Go to your course's Settings page
  2. Click on the Navigation tab found along the top of the Settings page

    Course Tabs

  3. You will see two lists:
    • The top list are pages that are accessible to your students
    • The bottom list are pages that are inaccessible to your students
  4. Dragging pages from the top list to the bottom list will make your page(s) inaccessible. These pages will be grayed out, illustrating that they cannot be accessed anymore.

    Accessible vs Inaccessible pages on course