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Combining Sections Into One Course

Instructors teaching multiple sections of a course are able to cross-list one of the sections into the other; keeping the student enrollment separate, while having both sections access a single Canvas course. This makes it so that an instructor only needs to post announcements, upload files, and create new assignments in a single Canvas course.


Cross-Listing Courses

  • First bring up the course that will be merged into the main one and click on Settings.
  • On the settings page click on the Sections tab at the top.

Sections Tab

  • Click on the section that contains the students for the course, which brings up a list of enrollments.
  • Next, click on the Cross-List this Course button located on the right side of Canvas.

Cross-List Button Highlighted

  • This will bring up the Cross-List window. In the Search for Course input box, type in a portion of the target course's title to bring up a drop down menu listing courses containing that text.

Cross-List Search Dropdown List

  • Select the course that you want to use and then click Cross-List This Section.
  • If the search is not finding your course you can find the course ID by going to the target course's homepage and copying the number at the end of the URL.

Course ID in link highlighted


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How to De-Cross-List a Course

  • Please visit the Canvas support page listed here.

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