Canvas Badges


What are digital badges?

Like physical badges, digital badges display achievements and skills learned in a course. This could be anything from completing week one of a course, excelling in challenging assignments, developing new skills, etc.

Why use digital badges?

It is a public display of students’ skill sets. Students, instructors, and professionals are able to look at these badges and acknowledge skill sets that students may have not previously identified.

Using badges also challenges and motivates students to achieve more- both academically and intellectually. Badges gamify the learning environment, which encourages students to continue pushing their talents to achieve goals.   

Canvas Attendance Badges:

These badges help instructors keep track of students’ progress during the day. For example, instructors can award students with “good participation” and “good talking points badges.” They can also give students “late assignment” badges to keep track of assignments. Students cannot see badges awarded to them. Instructors should find means of communicating with their students of their achievements and areas they need to work on.

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How to Use Attendance Badges:

  • On Canvas, go to the Attendance page on the left-hand navigation menu
  • Make sure you are in list mode (versus class mode) then click More next to a student's name
  • On the right side of the right column, there are options to add and manage badges


Add badge

To add a badge:

  • Click on Add Badge
  • A window will appear
  • Name the badge, pick an icon, and pick a color
  • Badges are for universal use in the classroom- no need to recreate the same badge for different students

To give a student a badge:

  • Click on a badge icon 
  • You've successfully given a student a badge when the badge color highlights the badge
  • You can un-award a badge by clicking on the icon again- the highlight will disappear
  • Badges cannot be awarded multiple times to a same student in one day (ie. a student cannot receive two “good talking points badges” per day
  • A tally of badges is also shown on the left side of the right column.

Badge interface

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Instructors can award badges to students based on their educational achievements and accomplishments. By utilizing the modules feature in Canvas, instructors list a set of goals for students. From there, students participate in assigned readings, homework, discussions, etc. As modules are completed, instructors are able to automatically or manually distribute badges.

Students can then display their badges on Mozilla Backpack.

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How to Use Canvabadges:

Getting a Canvabadge Account:

  • Visit to begin setting up the Canvabadges app
  • Canvabadges will guide you in creating an account
  • Note that you will need to log in using a Twitter account

Authorize Canvasbadges App

Adding the Canvabadge App to Canvas:

  • Once you have authorized the Canvabadges app, you will be redirected to a page where the "key and secret" is located to use on your Canvas site
  • Keep this page open
  • In a new tab or window, go to your Canvas site
  • Click on your site Settings to add the app to your site
  • Click on Apps in the top menu,
  • Click View App Configurations
  • Once you are redirected, click Add New App
  • Where it says “Configuration Type” select By URL.

Finding the Consumer Key, Shared Secret, and Configuration URL:

Add app interface

  • Return to the Canvabadges page with your "key and secret"
  • In step one where it says “Copy this XML link” right click the hyperlink and click Copy Link Address
  • Now return to your Canvas page and paste the link where it says “Configuration URL”
  • Return to the Canvabadges page to copy and paste your Consumer Key and Shared Secret into your Canvas page
  • Once you finished filling out the form, press submit. You can now see Canvabadges listed as an external app.

Adding Canvabadges to a Module:

Adding Canvas Badges to Module

As stated earlier, badges will be awarded once a student finishes assignments in a Canvas module.

  • To add a badge at the end of a module, go to your site’s Module page
  • Create a new module, or use an existing one
  • On the module, click on the Add button button
  • A new window will appear
  • Under the content drop down menu click on External Tool
  • In the menu that appears, find the Canvabadges app
  • A window will appear after you added the Canvabadge app to a module
  • This will give you options to choose an existing badge, or to create a new badge
  • Click Add Item to save

Adding external tool to module interace

Customizing and Editing Badges:

Badge Settings

  • Once you’ve added your badge to a module, you can edit its settings by clicking on the badge page in the module
  • You can rename the badge, upload a badge design, create a badge using Canvabadges’ badge designer, modify when you want the badge awarded, etc.
  • Do not forget to save the badge's new settings

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