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Pearson Teacher Certification (Media) [iMovie 10]

iMovie tutorials for TPA Certification

NOTE: Make sure that you have open/used the iTunes application at least once on the Apple computer you plan to use or the video will not share as listed below. To do this click on the iTunes icon and accept all the terms and agreements.

itunes icon

Textual Walkthrough

iMovie Default Workspace

Click on the iMovie icon located in the Applications folder.
imovies icon

This will open up the iMovie default workspace:

imovies version 10 interface

Creating a project

To create a new project, from the top menu select File > New Movie.

File drop down list with new movies highlighted

When prompted to select a theme, select No Theme. Then click Create.

Theme window

Name the project in the Name box. Then click OK.

Naming project window

Import a video

Importing your footage: From the top menu select File > Import Media.
File drop down list with import media highlighted

Next we will be taken to a box that will ask you where you want to import the file from. On the left side, there is a list of locations where you can search for the file you want. Once you have found the file, click on it and then select Import Selected.

Note: Students who have (videos) in the following file formats will need to convert them to .mp4 in order to use iMovie:

  • .AVI
  • .WMV
  • .MTS
  • .MOD

Please come in during DML tutoring hours, see DML calendar, to receive help converting your videos or contact to set up an appointment.

Import media window

When the importing process is complete, you will notice the imported footage on the top left of the screen.

Media being imported

Crop video 

Select the footage for the project. Click and drag on a part of the footage to the right. This will create a yellow square that shows what you have selected and the duration of that clip. For example, the clip selected below is 15 seconds long.

Selection of part of video

Hover the mouse over the clip selection until a hand icon appears. Click and drag the footage into the bottom square on your new project. A green plus sign will appear when the clip is ready to be added to your project. Drop the clip and it will be added to your project. Notice, the clip is added to the project in the image below. The total length of the clip is described at the top of the window.

Section of video

Export video

To export the project, from the top menu select File > Share > iTunes

File drop down menu with share and itunes highlighted

Your video will export with the same name as your project name. 
Choose "Large" or "HD 540p" depending on your video length and click Share.

Save imovie file window

Your video will start exporting and a circle icon will appear on the top right of the screen, indicating the progress of the export.

Circle showing progress of exporting

Once done, iTunes will open up automatically.

iTunes window

In iTunes, click on the Movies icon on the top left corner, then click Home Videos. Find your video. In most cases it will have a "New" blue sign on the top right of its thumbnail.

Video on itunes

Left click and drag the video out of iTunes onto the desktop.

Video icon on desktop


Your video is ready to be uploaded to Pearson!