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The Open Learning Lab

What is the Open Learning Lab? 

The Open Learning Lab, in UW2-140, houses twenty-two Microsoft Windows computers as well as sixteen Apple iMacs with digital media and learning technologies software. The OLL is open UW2 building hours:

We offer support for the following programs:

Learning Technologies - The Open Learning Lab - Supports students in the Folling Software: Audaicty, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, iMovie, Canvas, ePortfolios, and Panopto.

Software support is offered Monday through Thursday, during the quarter, 10am to 4pm. Please note: we do not offer in-person support school holidays, interims, and breaks.

What services are offered in the lab?

The Open Learning lab is committed to providing students, staff and faculty of the University of Washington Bothell a central technological resource that can help make a positive impact on student academics, research and the pursuit for higher education. The lab is equipped with tutors that have a background in a wide-array of software applications and technological devices. They work to provide excellent customer service, educate students, and offer troubleshooting for numerous applications and devices. By doing so, they hope to assist the community in achieving their engagement in higher education, research, and reaching their highest potential.

Faculty: If you would like to set up a digital media-technology consultation or want more information about media services for teaching and learning, please contact: The Office of Digital Learning & Innovation at If you are in the Open Learning Lab - Please remember to sign in. Signing in helps the lab stay open and helps us in funding new and updated software.

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DML/OLL Calendar

Digital Media Lab and Open Learning Lab calendar

The Open Learning Lab (UW2-140), The Digital Media Lab (UW2-121) & The Digital Media  Active Learning Lab (UW2-211)
are open building hours unless otherwise noted in the calendar above.

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