Moderating a Quiz

You are able to moderate a quiz if a student needs extra accommodation. These moderations include:

  • Giving a student another attempt
  • Allowing the student to take the quiz before the Available From date
  • Allowing the student to take the quiz after the Available Until Date 
  • Allowing a student to have additional time on a quiz

Moderating a Quiz

Choose the quiz and click on "Moderate This Quiz"

Option to moderate quiz

Selecting One or More Students

  • Click on the pencil icon to the right of the student's name to add an extension for that single student 
  • Click on the checkboxes and then "Change Extensions" to add extensions to multiple students

Moderating quiz options

Adding Extensions

  • Add the number of extra attempts the student can have in the "attempts" box

Adding an extension option

  • Add extra time given to the student in the "minutes" box (This will only be visible if the quiz has a time limit)

Adding extension options

  • If the student is taking the quiz earlier or later than the set dates, check the "Manually unlock te quiz for the next attempt"

Adding extension option

  • If a student is taking a quiz, you will see a clock icon next to their name. Click on the clock icon 

Clock next to student's name

  • You can edit the time the student has left for the current quiz 

Extend quiz time option