All Law, Economics & Public Policy (LEPP) Courses

Recommended Preparation

Interested in exploring this major, but not ready to commit? Consider taking one of the below courses! Any of these selections will help familiarize you with the academic program and prepare you for advanced coursework in the major.

BIS 282 Globalization
BIS 283 Introduction to Law
BIS 284 International Relations 

A.  LEPP Core Courses (LEPP:CORE)

BISLEP 301 Law, Economics & Public Policy (5 credits)
BISLEP 302 Policy Analysis (5 credits)

B.  Skills & Method Courses (LEPP:SKILLS)

BIS 217 Introduction to Debate
BIS 312 Approaches to Social Research
BIS 315 Understanding Statistics or equivalent
BIS 340 Approaches to Cultural Research
BIS 342 Geographic Information Systems
BIS 343 Geographic Visualization
BIS 352 Mapping Communities
BIS 410 Topics in Qualitative Inquiry
BIS 442 Advanced GIS Analysis and Applications
BIS 447 Topics in Quantitative Inquiry
BIS 483 Community Organizing
BIS 495 Internship
BIS 496 Community Service Project
BIS 497 Political Internship in State Government
BISSKL 302 Teambuilding (2 credits)
BISSKL 375 Academic Research & Writing Seminar (2 credits)
BISSKL 400 Policy Journal Editorial Board (2 credits)
BBUS 402 Managing Work Teams 

C.  Policy Foundation Courses (LEPP:FOUND)

BIS 201/BBUS 221 Introduction to Macroeconomics
BIS 226 Foundations of U.S. Social Service
BIS 279 Introduction to Law & Society 
BIS 353 Human Rights in Theory and Practice
BIS 338 Political Institutions & Processes
BIS 394 Comparative Economic Development
BIS 415 Public Policy & Law
BISGST 324 International Political Economy
BISSTA 304 Institutions & Social Change
BISSTA 359 Ethics & Society

D.  Policy Problem Courses (LEPP:PROBLEM)

BES 331 Estuarine Science and Management
BIS 219 The Politics of Sex Education
BIS 252 Politics of Science 
BIS 255 Critical Diversity Studies
BIS 275 Social Problems
BIS 282 Globalization
BIS 284 International Relations 
BIS 307 Environmental Justice
BIS 310 Women, Culture and Development
BIS 321 Human Rights and the Arts
BIS 326 Race, Space, and Segregation
BIS 327 History of US Labor Institutions
BIS/BEDUC 328 Diversity, Leadership, and Engagement
BIS 335 Human Rights in America
BIS 336 History of Mass Incarceration in the United States
BIS 359 Principles & Controversies of Sustainability
BIS 374 Middle East Politics
BIS 380 Bioethics
BIS 384 Health, Medicine and Society
BIS 386 Global Environmental Issues
BIS 392 Water & Sustainability
BIS 403 WA DC Seminar on Human Rights
BIS 406 Urban Planning and Geography
BIS 419 Urban Politics and Policy
BIS 421 Technology Policy
BIS 441 Global Labor Markets
BIS 443 Education Policy & the Economy
BIS 446 Science, Expertise and Public Policy
BIS 448 Social Policy
BIS 458 Energy, Environment, and Society
BIS 459 Conservation & Sustainable Development
BIS 466 Human Rights & Resistance
BIS 468 Human Rights & Sustainability
BISAES 363 Conflict & Connections in the Americas
BISGWS 302 Histories and Movements of Gender and Sexuality
BST 200 Introduction to Climate Science
BST 445 Political Economy of Energy

E.  May count in Law, Economics & Public Policy (LEPP)

Topics courses under the below course numbers may apply to the LEPP major depending on the subject and title. Please see the Time Schedule notes to determine how they count toward the major. 
BIS 293 Special Topics
BIS 294 The Arts of Collaboration: Working in Teams
BIS 305 Issues in Social & Political Philosophy
BIS 314 Topics in Geography
BIS 339 Global Cultural Studies
BIS 341 Topics in the Study of Culture
BIS 393 Special Topics
BIS 396 Topics in Sustainability
BIS 414 Topics in Human Rights
BIS 442 Advanced Geographic Information Systems
BIS 490 Advanced Seminar
BIS 491 Topics in Policy Studies
BIS 493 Special Topics
BISGST 397 Topics in Global Studies
BISLEP 397 Topics in Law, Economics, and Public Policy
BISLEP 497 Advanced Topics in Law, Economics, and Public Policy

Sample Plan

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Special topics courses that may apply
Course Number
LEPP Requirement
BIS 313 Issues in Media Studies The Politics of Hacking Problems
BIS 393
Special Topics
Race, Crime and Law
BIS 396
Topics in Sustainability
Managing Common Resources
BIS 414 Topics in Human Rights Freedom of Movement Problems
BIS 414
Topics in Human Rights
Human Rights in Latin America
BIS 490 Advanced Seminar Food and the Environment Problems
BIS 490 Advanced Seminar U.S. Constitutional Law Foundations
BIS 490 Advanced Seminar Washington State Legislative Research Skills
BIS 490 Advanced Seminar Racism and Civil Liberties: Japanese American Incarceration During World War II Problems
BIS 490 Advanced Seminar Gender and Politics of Numbers Problems
BIS 490 Advanced Seminar Law Clinic Skills
BIS 490 Advanced Seminar Sustainability and Social Justice Problems 
BIS 491
Topics in Policy Studies
Nonprofit Organizations
BIS 493
Special Topics
Environmental Policy
BIS 493
Special Topics
Urban Planning
BIS 493
Special Topics
Race, Policy and Inequality
Topics in Global Studies
Politics, Development and Globalization
Topics in Global Studies
Terrorism-Implications for National Security
Topics in Global Studies
Bring Globalization Home- Immigration in the Pacific Northwest