Program Curriculum

Elementary Education Teacher Certification Course Schedule

Our four-quarter Elementary Education teacher certification program covers these major themes throughout the curriculum: 

  • Learners and Learning
  • Contexts of Schooling
  • Knowing, Teaching and Assessing
  • Professional Practice

One of the tenets of our program is our school-embedded coursework.  These are University courses taught on-site at elementary schools.  This method allows you to not only learn about teaching, instruction, and student learning, but to practice and see it in action.

Below is more information about what each quarter of coursework entails.  The program operates in a cohort model, meaning that we accept students once per year to begin in Spring quarter, and students will take courses together throughout the program.

Spring Quarter (17 credits)

Students begin our program with school-embedded coursework in science, mathematics, and literacy disciplines.  Additional coursework taught on campus includes human development and a professional seminar.

Summer Quarter (17 credits)

This quarter is primarily on campus, and students engage in coursework around diverse learners, working with families and communities, and learning about childhood health and fitness.

Autumn Quarter (17 credits)

Autumn quarter begins at the end of August, as students will begin their student teaching internship at the beginning of the elementary school year with their mentor teacher.  This allows the UWB student to be present from the moment the elementary students first enter the classroom and observe and participate in developing community and setting classroom expectations.

Coursework this quarter includes school-embedded coursework in social studies, mathematics, and literacy.  Additional coursework taught on campus includes a professional development seminar and a student teaching seminar.

Winter Quarter (17 credits)

During Winter, students will be in their student teaching internship classroom full time.  Students will also be preparing their teaching portfolio and submitting final testing requirements for state certification.

Additional coursework includes the professional seminar and a course on indigenous education.

Receiving Teacher Certification

A student will be recommended for an Elementary Education certification with the state of Washington upon successful completion of all components of the academic program, in addition to passing the edTPA and meeting all other state requirements.