How to Apply

We are excited that you are interested in applying to the Elementary Education Post Baccalaureate program! Information on how to start your online application is below.  

We strongly encourage all prospective applicants to contact an academic advisor prior to applying.

Please note you may experience a 24 - 48 hour delay after completing your application before the online system prompts you to upload supporting documentation.  Official transcripts or other documentation must be sent directly to the UW Bothell Admissions Office

If you experience difficulty with the online application, or if you have any questions about the status of your application, please feel free to contact the UWB Admissions Office by email at or at 425-352-5000. We're here to help!


Step 1:  Application & Fee

Create an account to start your Post Baccalaureate Application.  You will need to verify your account through email before completing your application.  Once you log in to complete your application, select the Post-Baccalaureate application.  Select the K-8 Teacher Certification Program. 

The application fee is $60 payable by credit or debit card.

Step 2:  Academic Transcripts

Submit your official transcripts.  Electronic submission is recommended.  Paper transcripts must remain sealed in the original envelope as issued by the school, and sent to UWB Admissions at the following address:

UW Bothell Office of Admissions
Box 358500
18115 Campus Way NE
Bothell, WA 98011-8246

As an applicant to the K-8 Teacher Certification program, you are required to submit one official transcript from your degree granting college or university and one official transcript from any college or university where you completed your academic breadth requirements, if different.  All transcripts must be received by the UW Bothell Admissions Office by the application deadline.

If you have only attended the University of Washington (Bothell, Seattle, or Tacoma), your official transcripts do not need to be sent. Our admissions team will have access to your official academic records.

If you received your degree(s) abroad, please visit the UW Bothell Admissions website for more information about the documentation you must submit.  It is a Washington state requirement that all certified teachers hold a a US Bachelors degree or equivalent. 

Step 3:  Academic Breadth

Complete the Academic Breadth Form on the application.  Completing Academic Breadth coursework demonstrates that you have the requisite content knowledge to teach at the elementary level as defined by the State of Washington. It is strongly recommended that you contact an academic advisor to assist you with this part of the application.  You will be asked to enter the following information for each required course:

  • Course #/Course Title
  • Credits
  • Grade
  • Date taken (Quarter/Year)
  • College/University

Academic breadth must be completed prior to starting the program. Only classes at 100-level and above, with a minimum grade of C (2.0) will be accepted. 

Step 4:  WEST-B Test Scores

All applicants are required to take a basic skills test, WEST-B, SAT, or ACT.  Official scores must be sent to UWB.   You will also be prompted to upload your official score sheet within the application. 

If you have not taken a basic skills test, please select No in the online application and indicate the date your are registered to take it.  Submission of an official score report is required for entry into the program.

Candidates may substitute a passing score on the WEST-B with the equivalent passing score on one or more sections of the SAT or ACT.  More information, with specific numeric passing scores is located on the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) website.  If you choose to use SAT or ACT scores, official score reports are required.

Passing scores are:

  • SAT (through 03/04/2016)
    • Math: 515
    • Reading: 500
    • Writing: 490
  • SAT (beginning 03/05/2016)
    • Math:  27.5
    • Reading:  27
    • Writing:  28
  • ACT
    • Math: 22
    • Reading: 22
    • Writing: 08 (beginning 09/01/2016)

Step 5:  Documentation of Experience

When completing the Documentation of Experience section of the application, you will be asked to provide the name and contact information for the teacher or supervisor under whom you completed your hours.  Documentation of a  minimum of 20 hours in a US public school K-5 classroom must be provided.

Step 6:  Admissions Essay

Essays will be typed directly into the essay fields on the application (no uploading of files).  All applicants will be prompted to answer the following questions:

  1. Based on your recent experiences in a public elementary school, what have you learned about children as learners? (250 words total)
  2. What strengths and perspectives do you bring to a cohort of teacher candidates? (250 words total)
  3. How does your decision to become a teacher align with our program's emphasis on equity and social justice in curriculum and instruction? (250 words total)

Step 7:  Current Resume

This must be uploaded as a Word or PDF document; one page maximum.  Resources to assist with creating a resume can be found on the Career Services website.

Step 8:  Submit Recommendations

Applicants will need to provide the names and contact information for two (2) references.  One reference must be school-based, and the second may be an academic or professional reference.  The application will prompt you to enter their contact information and your reference will receive an email request asking them to complete a reference form on your behalf.

Step 9: Set up your "Application Status Page"

After you submit your application, you will receive an email message within 24 to 48 hours with instructions on how to set up access to the online Application Status Page.  At this page, you can upload documents and check on status of documents you submitted yourself or that were mailed/delivered directly to the Admissions Office.


Measles Immunization

Please note that all enrolled matriculated students are required to provide proof of measles (rubeola) immunity. Students will not be allowed to register for any classes until the UW Bothell Registrar's Office confirms that they have satisfied this requirement. Students born before 01/01/57 are considered to be immune to measles and therefore do NOT need to submit proof of immunity.


Tuition Information and Financial Aid

Visit the Office of Student Affairs for specific information on tuition rates and financial aid.



The application to join the Spring 2020 cohort will open on September 1, 2019


Application Deadline for

Spring 2020 is

November 1, 2019


Notification of Acceptance

Notification generally occurs by late February for this program. Applicants will have until mid-March to confirm their acceptance and secure their place in the program through a tuition deposit. A waiting list for entry into the program will be maintained until the start of spring quarter.