11/2/12 Notes

Technology Advisory Committee

November 2, 2012
Brian Fletcher, Munehiro Fukuda, Laura Mansfield, Tim Rhoades, Betsy Tippens, Misha Ward
Overview of committee charge
Please see the Technology Advisory Committee charge at http://www.uwb.edu/it/tac . The committee provides advice and recommendations regarding strategic direction for technology, adoption of large scale technology initiatives and resource allocation, technology-related budget proposals, and technology-related policies. 
This year the committee will meet monthly, with one and a half hour meetings. Times will be varied in order to accommodate different schedules. Each month the committee will discuss one or two particular topics and provide input, advice, or recommendations for each topic. At the following meeting, the committee will be given feedback about movement related to their advice and recommendation from the previous meeting.
Highlights from prior year
-        Defining our relationship with the IRSC. The Technology Advisory Committee worked with the Instructional and Research Support Committee last year to define the relationship between those two groups. It was agreed that TAC would continue to have an IRSC representative as a regular committee member, and that the Vice Chancellor for IT should regularly attend IRSC meetings. In addition, TAC will work closely with IRSC as we develop policies or recommendations. 
-        Learning technologies roadmap. The committee provided advice last year on collecting faculty feedback related to learning technologies. With this feedback and advice, IT surveyed faculty and wrote a report to be used as a basis for decision-making and resource allocation. We will use that information this year as we plan budget proposals.
-        LMS transition. The committee provided support for a campus decision to transition from Blackboard to Canvas as our campus learning management system.
-        E-Portfolios. The committee also recommended that TAC do an assessment of e-portfolio needs and options. 
Information Technologies themes and goals for FY 13
IT has three 5-year goals as part of its current strategic plan, and the committee reviewed those goals. They are:
1.       Information Technologies Evolution and Alignment. Design and adjust IT resources, process, and structure to better align with campus goals and strategy and to provide better support and transparency for technology decision-making.
2.       Flexible Design. Work towards a technology environment and staff team that foster flexible thinking, shrink barriers, and support high-impact practices in teaching and learning.
3.       Network and Enterprise Design Strategy. Develop a strategy that aligns with trends in higher education, emerging technology, and the institution.
Suggestions for TAC work for this year
The committee discussed these topics for TAC’s attention this year. 
-          Canvas migration plans
-          Data center strategy
-          Data management and analytics
-          Campus capital projects
-          Service management
-          E-Portfolios
-          Mobile computing
o   Support
o   Strategy
o   Web capabilities
o   Intersection with hybrid teaching and learning
-          Continued work on relationship with IRSC
Next month’s topics
Canvas: Andreas Brockhaus will present a draft plan for migration from Blackboard to Canvas and invite feedback and recommendations from the committee.
Mobile computing: The committee will discuss strategy related to developing a mobile presence for UW Bothell.