February 9, 2012 Notes

University of Washington Bothell
Technology Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes, February 9, 2012
David Goldstein
Sarah Leadley (Substituting for Rob Estes)
Tim Rhoades
Betsy Tippens
Joe Shelley
Brian Fletcher
Andreas Brockhaus
Ted Hiebert
Ian Porter
Mischa Ward
Laura Mansfield
Molly Ormsby
Hybrid Strategy Update
-          UW Bothell Horizon Report - Joe and Ian
o   Goal: Strategic roadmap for the campus to identify infrastructure of the future
Help prioritize the items as well as the potential timing of need (on a timeline)
o   Soliciting feedback from campus
Faculty Survey– Results by March
Focus Groups – Mid March
·         Have already created focus groups
·         Review survey results and gather more information
·         TAC to help review the data as well
Report Drafting –April
Present to campus leadership – Early May
·         Include guiding principals
-          Tegrity Update – Andreas
o   Webcams and recording software in all classrooms on campus
Allows for recording lecture
Complex classes like science and math highly targeted to aid review
o   Recorder can be downloaded at home for faculty
o   IT is handing out webcams for interested faculty
o   Students can view from home or anywhere
o   Disability Services taking advantage of this to aid in the classroom to replace the note takers they supply as an accommodation.
Use as accommodation is currently optional
Issue may go to Academic Council
o   Tegrity demonstration
Can be used with document cameras (can be reserved through the helpdesk) or small whiteboards for webcam
Microphones do a pretty good job of capturing throughout the classroom speaking at normal volumes. Wireless Mics not usually required, but optional.
Webcast can be viewed live as well as archived.
o   Everything is accessible through UW NetID
For any issues about FERPA protection or personal identification, we are currently following the lead of UW Seattle.
There are measures in place to limit the ability to compromise streams.
Tegrity recording currently only available to Instructors of Record.
-          Blackboard Update - Andreas
o   Campus is moving to blackboard 9.1 as of Spring quarter
§ Blackboard is discontinuing support for our current version.
o   End of next week faculty will have access to a test server  to view a copy of current data and play with the new features
o   Trainings sessions and online resources coming weekly (recorded with Tegrity)
o   New Blackboard users still train with Ian and Andreas.
o   During the break between quarters, Blackboard will go down on Tue at 6pm as we transfer data over.
o   Planning to move all courses from 2009 on.  Courses from 2007 and 2008 will be archived and available on request.
o   The Education LEDE degree is currently using the new version and has helped us resolve some issues.
o   Demonstration of Blackboard 9.1
SafeAssign – Plagiarism checking feature
·         We will check to get a full understanding of how this gets added to databases outside our institution.
·         There is an institutional archive but only if students volunteer to send papers to this.
File repository to enable sharing to multiple resources
Users and Groups enable the potential to self-enroll
o   Learning Technologies web page has a number of resources.
Growth Planning :
·         Where can we add capacity with scant resources?
·         What should our long term structure look like?
·         At this stage focus is on leadership overlap in IT Services.
-          IT Leadership Changes
o   We expect that some efficiency will be gained through these changes, and that a foundation will be laid for future growth.
o   Joe Shelley is taking on new responsibilities related to IT administration and planning, and is starting to work on.
IT budget planning and support
Developing and implementing an IT Liaison system
o   Brian Fletcher will be leading an initiative to develop a service catalog
Budget Planning
·         We will work directly with individual program directors
·         Any ideas from TAC members welcome
·         Budget proposals in the works include:
o   Liaison system (IT support specific to individual program areas)
o   Wireless infrastructure (long term funding and replacement)
o   Technology in labs no longer funded by STF
o   Technology Innovation Budget
o   Increase in Equipment “replacement” budget