Feb 18, 2011

University of Washington Bothell
Technology Advisory Committee
February 18, 2011


Attending:  Andreas Brockhaus, Betsy Tippens, David Goldstein, David Lane, Eric Chan, Joe Shelley, Lindsey Wille, Rob Estes, Tim Rhoades

 Absent: Brian Fletcher, Carol Leppa, Lane McKittrick, Ted Hiebert


Computer replacement: replacement methods

Betsy went over the “recommendations needed” document sent out to TAC this week. By introduction, the old Technology Policy Advisory Group (TPAG) group set up the current policy--one computer per permanent faculty and staff member.

Lindsey and David L. suggested that replacement guidelines should be put online, detailing model numbers to be replaced. Joe added that not all computers of a given model qualify for replacement, so we’d like to pair that information with additional information that tells users which of a certain model get replaced.

There was some discussion of funding for computers for temporary workers and other areas that aren’t covered. Betsy mentioned that these issues are pointed out in the second document for input and discussion.

Betsy went over the list of computers that are not covered by the central replacement budget, but are rather covered by re-using old computers, Student Technology Fee awards, and departmental budgets.

Betsy wondered if we should first come up with some guiding principles to get IT started on re-working priorities.

Carol Leppa sent in some feedback that suggested that we should look first at instruction. There was some discussion of what was appropriate to request from the Student Activity Fee and Student Technology Fee processes.  Lindsey pointed out that she sees computers for student workers as the university’s responsibility, rather than the responsibility of STF. Eric Chan pointed out that STF was going to focus on providing broad access.

Betsy confirmed that it the responsibility of the institution rather than the students to provide equipment for workers doing university business.

Andreas suggested replacing by position, rather than person.

Lindsey made the point that temps and hourly employees are often doing the same work as permanent staff and shouldn’t necessarily have older computers.

Several group members pointed out that they had not known that IT provided a choice of up to four different computers models. Maybe making that clear would help eliminate requests for exceptions.

It was noted that the equipment replacement budget can only fund about 150 computers per year, when perhaps several hundred per year should be replaced. Several people suggested putting together an ideal budget for what should be replaced in order to show the true replacement cost of campus computing.

After discussion, it was decided that Betsy would consolidate all the comments and get back to us.

David G. and Carol said that exceptions should be decided by the department or program.



1.       Student Technology Fee proposals are due March 2.


2.       Student Housing. Our understanding is that the new residences will open with Comcast wired internet rather than a UW wireless solution.  Tim pointed out that we need to see plans and consult with UW IT to determine the best approach for future wireless installations.  Lindsey suggested that an AxisTV display should be included in the planning for the new housing. There was a suggestion that this could be an STF proposal.

3.       Paperless Office. Lindsey reported that we are still waiting on UW Seattle to hire a project lead.  There are no major updates to report.


-        Beardslee Cove apartments
-        UWB Beardslee Collaboratory
-        AXISTV (large display monitors)
-        Student Technology Fee Proposals
-        Budget Proposals – process for TAC involvement
-        Faculty Development – how to proceed?
-        UWB3 update
-        ESCO technology update