Technology Advisory Committee

January 12, 2011


 Attending: Andreas Brockhaus, David Goldstein, Ted Hiebert, David Lane, Sarah Leadley (on behalf of Rob Estes for the library), Carol Leppa, Tim Rhoades, Betsy Tippens, Lindsey Wille

Not attending: Brian Fletcher, Lane McKittrick

TAC Web site www.uwb.edu/it/tac

Betsy introduced the newly revised TAC website and pointed out that it can be used for publically available documents. We would very much appreciate comments, suggestions, and changes for the website, particularly any ideas to make it useful and more interesting.

Library’s communication list

Sarah shared with the Committee a list of potential marketing outlets on campus that had been developed by the Library, including:

UWB Buzz
UWB TP Times
UWB Chancellor’s e-newsletter
UWB Husky Herald
Table tents
Library Website
Subject guides/class guides
New student orientations
Digital Signage
Residence halls
Faculty meetings


We should plan to use this list to help us think of possible communication outlets whenever we have information to share with the campus.

Prioritization of topics brainstormed at the last meeting

At the previous meeting the committee brainstormed potential issues for the committee to address this year.  At this meeting we discussed each issue to determine the best approach for working on it.  As these issues were discussed, we decided that we really want to leverage the work people are already doing whenever possible, rather than create multiple subgroups to work on them.

Learning Technologies Roadmap

There was some discussion about breaking up the learning tech roadmap discussion into multiple parts to prioritize the work we do this year. David Goldstein suggested creating a subgroup to work on hybrid courses. Sarah suggested developing and sharing best practices. Carol suggested working on the assumption that we are using Blackboard and articulating the impacts of moving away from Blackboard. Finally we decided to use the work of the Hybrid Course Development Institute group as a jumping off point. 


As a goal, Betsy suggested that the group work on a roadmap that we could propose to the campus that delineates our vision of what online learning at Bothell looks like for next few years. It could include a recommendation for how hybrid teaching is instituted—perhaps a percentage of courses that are hybrid, recommendations for faculty development, guiding principles, best practices, assumptions, and a list of questions related to selecting tools, functions, and teaching strategies. This also draws from the Technology and Teaching Innovation Task Force recommendations. We further discussed that this work should tie into the e-initiative pilot that is just being launched. Andreas, Carol, and David are already working on similar issues through the Hybrid Course Development Institute, and they volunteered to continue that work by developing a recommendation for a learning technologies roadmap as discussed.

Digital Media

Joe will act as point person to bring Ted Hiebert together with the new Digital Media Coordination group to develop a proposal for TAC in order to tie this work into efforts already underway to make digital media support more seamless and consistent.

Equipment replacement

Reusing and repurposing computers

Technology support in non-standard situations
For all three of these issues,
IT staff will put together some background and information for TAC to discuss that describes the issues and makes recommendations. We hope that this work can take place electronically rather than during meetings.

Issues related to mobile devices
We decided it would be best to start this work with an issue-spotting exercise. We need to develop a better understanding of the different usages of mobile devices and the types of issues we might encounter.  As we discussed it, Andreas will take the lead in developing recommendations and collecting information around mobile devices. The IT Leadership team will help by brainstorming ideas with Andreas that he can send to TAC about this topic. TAC will give Andreas feedback by email to start the research process.

Some ideas that were discussed include the possibility that student workers can take on some of the work.  They could perhaps be assigned a literature review and asked to spot best practices and questions to ask.

Paperless office initiative in admissions
UPDATE on the paperless office initiative from Lindsey. Bothell has been working with UW Seattle and Tacoma on a paperless office system for Admissions work.  Applications will come in online and will be uploaded to the system. Loose paper documents will be scanned into system and uploaded to keep all records digitally. This should increase efficiency and help make the admissions process entirely paperless. A contract has been approved, but they don’t yet have a hard deadline for when the system will be launched.  Lindsey hopes it will be in place for the next admission cycle. Data will be hosted by a private vendor who meets UW FERPA standards.

Carol suggested that communication about this could go directly to program coordinators as well as through campus.

Betsy suggested that since this initiative is already in progress we remove it from the list of TAC issues for the year, although we will help to facilitate ongoing communication about it. Lindsey will continue to keep TAC updated.

Issues that still need to be discussed and prioritized:

Budget Proposals
Faculty development