Technology Advisory Committee

As technology becomes more central to the activities of UW Bothell, it becomes more important that strategic decisions regarding technology are made with the informed guidance of an advisory group. UW Bothell is considering many initiatives that have a significant technology component , including new degrees in fields with technology emphases, the increased importance of hybrid teaching and learning, and a growing emphasis on information security related to institutional data, to name only a few.  The Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) helps UW Bothell ensure effective and transparent decision-making related to the management and use of technology by providing advice and guidance on technology policies, strategies, directions, and priorities. Committee members should solicit input across campus in order to represent all constituents. 

The TAC acts in an advisory capacity and provides recommendations to the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technologies. Specifically, the Technology Advisory Committee provides:

  • Advice regarding strategic directions for technology, particularly as they relate to UW Bothell’s mission and the 21st Century Campus Priorities
  • Advice regarding the adoption of large scale technology initiatives and related resource allocation
  • Advice regarding technology-related budget proposals
  • Review and approval of technology related policies that have broad campus impact



Educause ( is the nation's leading non-profit professional organization for technology leadership in higher education. UW Bothell is an Educause member and benefits greatly from technology support networks, forums, and thought leadership for the 21st century.

Horizon Report

The Horizon Report is an annual publication by the New Media Consortium ( that presents a data-driven analysis to spot trends in new technology adoption in higher education. Each year, the report highlights short, medium, and long-term trends to help technology leaders stay ahead of the curve.