Information Technologies

Network File Restoration

Restoring from Tape Backup

Utilizing a data storage solution on removable tapes requires a set of standard policies to make sure that the data is current and secure; here is a list of the important steps we implement from this policy:

  1. All servers on campus are backed up on a regular basis for disaster recovery contingencies. (NOTE: Because we must allow for the varying length of full backups, information altered over the weekend may not get backed up until Monday evening.)
  2. Full tape backups are updated on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
  3. Completed tapes are archived off-site twice a month.
  4. Several weeks worth of archives are maintained off-site.
  5. Integrity checks are automatically  performed on re-used tapes, failure results in the tape's destruction.

In addition to providing for the safe recovery of network servers, this solution has the added benefit of providing file-by-file recovery capabilities. While we are happy to also be able to provide this service, there are limitations on what can be recovered as well as what time-frame can be expected to complete the restore:

  1. Only files stored on Bothell network servers and Bothell exchange server mailboxes can be recovered in this way.
  2. Restored information can only be provided from the last successful backup.
  3. Due to the schedule and inevitable variations in media quality we cannot guarantee the most recent copy of your file will be recoverable.
  4. Recoverable files can usually be restored within 1 business day.