Information Technologies

Instructional Design

Alongside the use of the internet in face-to-face teaching and learning, hybrid and online courses are becoming an increasing valuable part of the educational landscape. Using the internet and computers to promote the deepest learning and most meaningful experiences for students is a high priority for all involved in the world of education.  

Instructional Design at UW Bothell

Here at UW Bothell we are committed to providing faculty with resources that will help them best use the available tools and best strategies in teaching and learning. To that end, IT's digital learning offers a variety of instructional design services.

  • Individual meetings focused on course design and developing materials for hybrid/online courses
  • Workshops for using specific strategies and tools
  • Departmental trainings about hybrid teaching
  • eLearning Symposiums

Working with an instructional designer, you may:

  • Create better course organization
  • Develop new instructional media
  • Think of long term outcomes versus short term
  • See how course activities are connected with each other
  • Focus course on student learning goals rather than course activities
  • Keeps student situational factors in mind

Instructional Designers play many roles. This graphic from Arizona State University does a good job of pointing out many of them.

Other topics related to instructional design include Active Learning, Universal Design, and the Quality Matters program.

You can contact Todd Conaway for more information or to schedule an appointment. or 425.352.5334