Event Services

In addition to classroom technical support, IT also provides support for special events in locations such as:

    •    The North Creek Event Center
    •    The Commons (UW2)
    •    UW1 Vistas
    •    the Promenade

Things to keep in mind when considering IT event support

Since events in these areas require special equipment and personnel, we will need as much advance notice as possible to make arrangements.  Our ability to support events in these spaces will be dependent upon the resources available at the time of your event.  Event spaces must reserved in advance. To make reservations, contact Campus Events at 425-352-3556 or email uwbecs@uw.edu

What Services and Equipment are available for my event?

We provide, Public Address Systems (PA), data projectors with screens, computers for use with PowerPoint or other presentation software, DVD players, and VCRs.

If you need IT support for your event, contact the IT helpdesk at 425.352.3456 or online through our Request Form