UW Bothell IT Hosted Storage

UW Bothell IT offers standard hosted file storage on the UWB Fileservers. If the standard offerings do not meet your needs, please email uwbit@uw.edu for further assistance.

Accessing the UWB Fileservers - Includes information for off-campus access and mapping network drives.


UWB Information Technologies offers 195 GB of storage per department (unit, School), hosted on the UWB Fileservers. This server space is intended to be used for storage of departmental files.

Access can be granted to either UW NetIDs or UWB Access Accounts.

To request UW NetID access: Managers/supervisors should submit a request to uwbit@uw.edu with the employee's NetID and a full filepath to the folders that they will need to access.

To request UWB Access Account access: If the user already has a UWB Access Account, the manager/supervisor should submit a request to uwbit@uw.edu with the employee's name and a full filepath to the folders that they will need to access.


UWB Information Technologies offers Collaboration folders for cross-department file sharing. The Collaboration folders are sized at 7 GB by default.

To request a new Collaboration folder: Submit a request to uwbit@uw.edu with the desired name of the folder, the purpose of the folder, and a list of those who need access to the folder, including their NetIDs if NetID access is desired.

Faculty-Staff Storage

UW through UW-IT (Seattle) provides a U: drive to all faculty/staff that is 30 GB in size. Please visit our UWB U: Drive information page for further details.

UW Bothell employees who have a pre-existing UWB IT hosted U: drive and wish to switch to the larger (30 GB vs. 7 GB) UWB-hosted U: drive, please contact UWB IT at uwbit@uw.edu for assistance.

About the UWB IT Fileservers

UWB Information Technologies hosted storage is available 24/7, and consists of redundant servers located on and off campus. Backups are taken nightly, and are retained for up to two weeks.

Still Need Help?

If you need additional assistance, please contact UW Bothell Information Technologies:

Call the IT Helpdesk at 425.352.3456
Email the IT Helpdesk at uwbit@uw.edu
Visit the IT Helpdesk in LB2-218 (Map)


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