Email Service at UWB

Attention: This page updated September 12th, 2016. Please read carefully.

Service Overview: Individual Email Service at UWB


The University of Washington Bothell campus has standardized on the use of UW NetID addresses ( with UW Office 365 mailboxes for email. UWBIT no longer provisions independent email, and a UWB Access Account does not include email. UW Office 365 email provides for the use of standard calendar sharing and room reservations among other features.

Converting your UW NetID email to UW Office 365 means that your NetID email will be switched from its current setting (gmail, deskmail, etc.) to Office 365 Exchange Online email. Opting out of the conversion means continuing to use your current NetID email settings.

To have your UWNetID email converted to UW Office 365, please follow the instructions below:

1. Log into "" with your NetID and password.
2. In the upper-right corner click on "My Account"
3. In the left hand bar select "UW Email Forwarding"
4. Click on the button labeled "Forward to UW Office 365", and then click the "Ok" button at the bottom of the gray box.
5. You should now be able to log into "" and view your mailbox.

All current UWB Permanent Staff and virtually all current UWB Faculty have had their UW NetID email converted to UW Office 365. Although Short Term Staff are not required to convert to UW Office 365, all permanent staff are required to do so. And although Faculty are not required to convert to UW Office 365, it is highly recommended and most do so to their benefit. Additionally, your Department, Program, or School may require the use of UW Office 365.

Please note that changing your email option, including converting to UW Office 365 does not move any of your existing email. All existing email must be moved manually if desired, but the UWBIT Helpdesk is available to assist you with that process. Current Deskmail (pine, alpine) users should be aware that the service is approaching end-of-life and users will be required to change their UW NetID email to a different option such as UW Office 365 in the future. Using UW Office 365 will require that you access your email differently.

To access your new UW Office 365 email:

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