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UW Mailman Distribution Lists


A Mailman distribution list forwards mail sent to the list address to all the list members' email addresses. It includes a web based management console that allows you to add/remove members, adjust who is allowed to send to the list, and change other parameters for your particular use case. There is no mailbox associated with a mailman list, and you can not "send as" a mailman list's address.

Setting up a Mailman list gives you an email address of the form <listname> Our standard naming convention usually begins with "uwb-NAMEOFLIST". Mailman lists allow longer more descriptive names, up to 32 characters.  
You can request a Mailman list at the link below, or Information Technologies can submit the request on your behalf. If you would like us to request it for you, please provide several names you would be satisfied with in case your first choice is already taken.

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