Email and Calendaring


UWB Email and Calendar Tutorials

Service Description:

This service is comprised of Individual Email, Shared Email, Resource Calendaring/Scheduling, and Distribution Lists.  These functions are provided by systems running on a combination of Microsoft cloud based servers and UWIT managed servers in redundant configurations.

Service Options:

  • Individual Email is based on UW NetID addresses ( utilizing UW Office 365 mailboxes.  The mailbox includes individual calendaring.  Please see Individual Email at UWB for more details and to request this service.
  • Shared NetID Email (Shared Resource Mailbox) is based on shared UW NetIDs ( with UW Office 365 mailboxes.  The mailbox includes standard calendaring.  Please see Shared Email at UWB for more details and to request this service.
  • Distribution Lists send email to multiple users at once and are provisioned as Mailman Lists running on UWIT resources.  Please see Mailman Lists for more information.


All UW Bothell faculty, staff and student employees have UW NetID addresses and are eligible for conversion to UW Office 365 mailboxes. 

UW Bothell faculty, staff, departments, programs and schools can request Shared NetID Resource Mailboxes, Resource Calendars, and Mailman Distribution Lists.

How to Order:


Currently there is no additional charge for Individual Email, Shared Email, or Mailman Distribution Lists.