MAC: Adding Contacts to Safe Senders List in Outlook

Adding a Apecific Email Address to Safe Senders List

1) Go to your "Contacts" List

2) Click on "Contact" in the Upper Left Hand Corner

3) Once you have selected contacts, a new window will open. On this new window, type in your contact's name and e-mail address.

4) Click on "Save & Close"; Once you have added your contact into your address book, it will be automatically added to your safe sender's list. E-mails from this sender will now arrive to your inbox.


Adding a Domain to Safe Senders List

1) Click "Tools"

2) Click "Junk Email Protection"

3) Type in the safe domain that you wish to allow.

4) Make sure the desired domain (example: is added - This will allow the local spam filter to trust email notes from the drake list server.

5) You may also add any other lists, or address that are incorrectly going to the spam filter.


Source Site (Email Address to Safe Senders):

Source Site (Domain to Safe Senders):