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Welcome to UW Bothell!

Here are some Information Technology (IT) resources available to you as a student, ranging from how to access software downloads to connecting to wireless.

Your UW NetID

Your UW NetID is key to accessing UW services, including registering for classes, using the libraries, gym and so much more. Your UW NetID will also be your username for UW email ( It is yours forever, so choose wisely. Create your UW NetID.


Your UW password is the private part of your digital identity. Do not share your password with anyone, including friends, family, and significant others. The UW will never email you asking for your password.

Create strong passwords that combine uppercase and lowercase letters with numbers and only login to secure sites that have “https” at the beginning of the URL. Create your UW password. Change or Reset a Forgotten UW password.

Sign Up for UW Bothell Alerts

UW Alert is an opt-in system that requires you to enroll through your mobile phone, landline or email. More than 52,000 individuals registering 120,000 devices are active on UW Alert. You can sign up for alerts at all three campuses. Account signup and login.

Stay Safe Online

Do not respond to email requests for money or personal information and be wary of links included in email. Beware of email hoaxes, identity theft, phishing scams, ransomware, and malware. Check out these Smart Computing resources.

Even on an updated and patched system, malware infections may occur. It is always important to keep up-to-date anti-virus software on your machines and devices.

Stay Legal

Fair use, copyright, and creative commons licenses can be complex to navigate.

Connect to Wireless

Eduroam is the safest method of connection to the UW’s network on a Wi-Fi enabled device. Eduroam provides secure user authentication and over the air encryption via 802.1X and WPA2 Enterprise. Setup your device for eduroam.

Free Network Storage

Every student has access to 50 GB of free network storage, which can be easily accessed on campus computers! Click here to learn more about your U: Drive.

Three Sites to Know


MyUW provides access to online resources at the University of Washington for anybody with a UW NetID. MyUW allows for students to access information regarding their major, Husky Card, and other account-related topics.


Your professors may post lessons, give quizzes, and collect assignments through Canvas. This course management system helps you keep assignments organized, communicate with professors and classmates, and keep track of your grades. You can also link Canvas to University email and calendaring systems to receive up-to-date message notifications.

Is the UW’s student information system where you can view transcripts, access financial aid information, pay tuition bills, schedule courses, and much more.

Student Information System (MyUW)


MyPlan allows you to create and manage your academic plan. Register and schedule classes

Software for the UW (UWare)

The UW offers software at reduced or no cost, thanks to various license agreements with software vendors.

Most popular software includes:

Microsoft for Students

Sophos Anti-Virus

Husky OnNet (VPN) 

Recommended Laptop & Tablet Specifications

A laptop or tablet is a useful tool for any student, and can be used for taking notes, recording lectures, or accessing resources in class and on campus! Below are some recommended specifications when looking for a suitable device to bring on campus.

  Memory Storage Processor
Laptop 8 GB 256 GB Intel Core i3
Tablet 8 GB 128 GB Intel Core m3



Phone: 425-352-3456

In-Person: LB2-218