Network Port Livening

UW Bothell has a lot of network ports around campus, but only some of them are "live" and connected to the internet. UW Seattle's technology group handles the technical work related to our internet ports, but the UW Bothell IT department will coordinate with them for port livening on your behalf.

If you need to setup a computer (or anything else) that requires a wired network connection:

  1. Check to be sure that there is a network port close by and that you won't need to run cables across the floor, past a doorway, or anywhere that might create a hazard.
  2. Check to see of the port(s) you need are live. All of the "live" network ports should have a little yellow sticker by them that says "enet".    
  3. If the port you need is NOT live (no sticker), then place a request for network port livening with IT (we can also test the port to be sure).
  4. Include the building, room, wall plate and port number (eg. UW1-124.01 D-2) in your request, along with a budget number and approval to charge; UW Seattle IT will provide a cost estimate.
  5. UWB IT will coordinate with UW Seattle and let you know as soon as the work is completed.

IMPORTANT: Allow up to three weeks for port livening. UW Seattle sends technicians up to Bothell to complete this work as fast as they can, but they sometimes experience delays based on request volume.


Contact us to place a port livening request