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Operational Continuity

UW Bothell Operational Continuity

This page is designed to help staff and faculty prepare to work during a long term disruption to campus operations. As our current situation is dynamic, Please check back frequently as we continue to populate this page with more helpful information.

Breaking News

Critical Software Update: How to Perform the Mandatory Zoom Update before May 30, 2020

Zoom has released a new mandatory version update (Zoom version 5.0) in their continued efforts to increase security. Beginning May 30, 2020, anyone not upgraded to the new version will not be able to join any meeting. In order to minimize disruption, you will need to install the new version of Zoom on your computer. Please click here to view UWB IT’s webpage for updating instructions and how to check what version you are currently using.


Virtual Collaboration Spaces

Click the links listed to view more information about virtual working space options.

*NEW* Microsoft Teams:

UW Office 365

UW Google G Suite 

Communicating within the UWB Community

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Email & chat options

Phone options and alternatives

Video conferencing - Hosting and attending virtual meetings

Securely Accessing Computing Resources from Off-Campus

Click the links listed to view more information about securely accessing computing resources from off-campus.

UW-IT provided digital storage  options

 UWB-IT provided digital storage options

Setting up your Work Space Technology

Click the links listed to view more information on options for setting up your work space technology.

Technology Access

  • Taking technology off campus: Notify your school/department administrator or budget manager that you intend to take office technology home.
  • Procuring technology: Laptops, tablets, computers, printers, and software need to be purchased through UWB-IT to ensure security, privacy, and compliance; viability; and asset management.  Send technology requests to, the Standard computer purchase request, or Software Request form

Internet Access 

Staying secure and compliant while working remote

Request Help

Tool specific assistance

General questions and help


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