Research Support

Information Technologies Research Support

We love to hear from faculty or department with their research projects. We also like to consult and integrate technology as part of your research projects. The following are just a few projects highlights.

Diesel particulate matter emission factors and air quality implications from in service rail in Washington State, USA -Dan Jaffe, School of STEM.

Chair and Professor of Science and Technology Program, Dan Jaffe, established a crowdfunding project on whether coal and diesel trains in relation with unhealthy air. The project was funded and went beyond the projected goal of $18,000. UWB IT provided Jaffes group with a computer and they customized it to meet their requirement.

The UWB/CCC Wetlands Geo-Database: Mapping Boundaries, Hydrological Features and Plant Communities -Charlotte Rasmussen, Office of Research.

Director of Undergraduate Research develops comprehensive UWB/CCC Geo-Database ties to the campus wetlands for research and teaching purposes. Under a collaborative environment, the team wanted to access and analyze Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data. UWB IT was able to create a temporary solution and setup a virtual machine for Charlotte and others to use the GIS data.

These are just a couple of the ways in which UWB IT has been able to assist with faculty research.

With such a growing and diverse UWB community, IT would love to have the opportunity to share our creativity and assist with your research. If you or your department would like technical assistance with your research, please contact us.