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Computing Accessible Classrooms

Introducing Computing Accessible Classrooms

In partnership with the Office of the Registrar, UW Bothell IT would like to announce our new pilot program for Winter 2019: Computing Accessible Classrooms.

This change was proposed to, and endorsed by, the campus Technology Advisory Committee.

This pilot will replace the current Mobile Laptop Cart service offered by UW Bothell IT. We recognize that this change will influence the way that faculty and staff schedule and interact with this computing resource, and we believe that these changes will be to the campus's benefit. Because so many depend on the capabilities this service has provided, UW Bothell IT and the Office of the Registrar are working very closely with campus Time Scheduler Coordinators to assure that campus needs will continue to be met.

Why the new program?

As part of regular service evaluation we were asked how to best adapt to today’s needs and campus community. Changes in size and resource availability over the past 6 years contributed to realization that that this service could no longer scale with these changes.

UW Bothell IT evaluated the usage data of these resources and conducted surveys with the faculty and staff who have used this service to assure we fully understood these changing needs. This information pointed to several issues that we hope the new Computing Accessible Classrooms pilot will address.

We believe assigning dedicated spaces for these resources will allow us to address pain points while continuing to support the students and instruction that require these capabilities. These changes should also ensure that this service still fits within the scope of available IT resources, preserving our focus on support for this and other essential campus resources.

What’s changing?

  • The Mobile Laptop Cart service will become stationary within UW1-010, UW1-020, and UW1-030. These classrooms were chosen by the Office of the Registrar as they are large enough to support the number of students as well as house a laptop cart.
  • Each laptop cabinet will contain 18 Windows laptops. This number of laptops will provide access for students in need while also acknowledging that today’s average student prefers to bring their own laptop to class.
  • Reserved usage of these spaces will no longer rely on IT’s delivery of these carts, since the laptops will be permanently installed in these spaces.
  • Faculty will not need to remember to cancel this service when they don’t need the laptops for a class.
  • All scheduling for recurring and one-time usage will now simply go through each school's Time Schedule Coordinator.

What’s the same?

  • Students who would not normally have access to a laptop or specific software will still be supported by their faculty and the University with Computing Accessible Classrooms.
  • The Office of the Registrar will continue to prioritize classes that need the computing resources when scheduling these three rooms. The carefully thought out schedule of these rooms will also allow for one-time class use requests for those who don’t need the computers regularly. As always, providing as much notice as possible will increase the likelihood of space accommodation.
  • UW Bothell IT will continue to deliver great service and support of these crucial campus resources. Training and orientation opportunities will be made available so that all faculty feel supported in these spaces to best serve their students.

Additional Information

This pilot will run for six months (throughout Winter and Spring 2019) and UW Bothell IT will be listening closely to the campus for feedback and suggestions. This update to the service is is the first phase of a longer term evaluation looking in to better ways to meet the technology needs of instructors and students in the classroom. We expect that the information we learn here will inform the future strategy for computing services our classroom environments.

Additionally, we will be reaching out to faculty scheduled in these three spaces for training and orientation on the resources. These trainings will provide instruction on the in-depth usage of the laptops and cabinets.

We believe that this change will serve as an overall positive one for the campus. Understanding and thoughtful use of these resources is greatly appreciated.

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