SharePoint How-Tos

Initial Page Creation Instructions:

    Log onto your UW Office 365 account in order to access your various tools.

    If you are already logged into your UW Office 365 account your can access the Sites apps in the upper left corner , click on Sites to access your personal site collection.

After logging in:

  • This is your site collection page. Any site that you create will link to your personal site. Any site made here will be a sub site of your main site.
  • In order to access subsites, click the wheel and click Site Contents.
  • After clicking Site Contents, a create new sub site should be available.
  • Fill out the required information and enjoy your new site that can be shared to others!

Post page creation

After the site is made, you can customize your site by sharing it to individuals. Please be aware of permissions granted as they now have access to whatever information gets loaded onto the website.

For more information on creating sites from your personal or a shared netid including a more detailed "how-to" article please visit the UW-IT page on Creating Subsites in UW OneDrive for Business.

Site Deletion Instructions:

  1. Open up Office 365 and access your Sites.
    • If you are on another part of Office 365, simply click the button (Waffle) at the top left in order to expand your tabs.
  2. Click the settings wheel in order to access Site Contents.
  3. Find the site that you are looking to delete and click on it.
  4. On the site that you want to delete, click the settings wheel in order to access Site Settings.
  5. Inside settings, find Site Actions which will list the option to Delete this site.
  6. Confirm that you wish to delete. Understand that this data is now lost and cannot be recovered.

Changing the name of the site:

When you're considering changing the name of the main site, please keep in mind a change in the name will delete the site, and create a new site and URL(possible policy-you can only do this once during the lifetime of that site). Additionally, this means that EVERYONE following your site will receive a 404 error (broken link error) when they visit your website.

You have to physically share the new site address/URL to everyone in order for them to locate your new website; another option is to send out a notice that the site has changed and include the site's new URL.