Windows 7 incorporates new ways to switch between windows, sleek designs accompanied by improved graphics to be efficient yet attractive for the users.

Windows Management

  • Aero Peek- this allows you to quickly hide the windows on your desktop by hovering your mouse on the end of the (by the clock). You see what gadgets you have in use and that are hidden by other windows
  • Aero Shake- allows you to quickly minimize all the other windows but the one you have selected
  • Compare side by side, Snap- allows you to view two windows side by side, simply drag a window to one side of the screen and Windows 7 will fit it to half of the screen size
  • Full Screen - allows you to quickly make a window full screen, simply drag the window to the top of the screen and Windows 7 will fit the window to the full screen size 
  • Keyboard shortcuts- allows you to toggle through windows seamlessly, just press down the Alt key and hit tab to scroll through windows, or press down the windows key and hit tab to scroll through the open windows and see a preview for each one (Windows + tab is shown below)WinTabn7.png

Here is a link to a tutorial on how to manage windows in Windows 7:

Windows Management Tutorial

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