Unable to Print to a Network Printer

It is important to note that network printers are only available to staff and faculty who are on campus at UWB (or connected through remote desktop) and connected via Ethernet cable. Printing wirelessly on campus is only possible through the pay-for DAWG PRINTS print stations.

1.   Determine if you have been able to print to this printer in the past (Go to Step 2) or if this is a printer to which you have never printed (see IT tutorial on Adding a Network Printer)

2.   Restart the computer: this is the most common fix to a timed-out network connection

3.   Check to see if you can actually see the list of network printers by running \\printers from the Windows start menu and Enter.


  • A window will appear with a listing of network printers.

4.   If you cannot see the window above or if you still cannot print, then make sure that the computer is actually connected to the network.

  • To do this, make sure that the Ethernet cable (often yellow) is undamaged and is running from a wall port into the computer (if they are on wireless have them switch to Ethernet). It is good to check and see if the computer’s Ethernet port has blinking lights (usually yellow or orange) but note that not all computers (like Macs) have these lights.
  • Open up a web browser and see if you can connect to the internet, if you have internet access you should see the UWB homepage or go to any other page you want.


  • Open up a network drive/share space and see if you have access to UWB shares



8.   If one of the above steps is not passed successfully, then you have a network connectivity problem that must be solved before you can utilize network resources like printers, shares, etc. (see HelpDesk Documentation on Troubleshooting General Network Connectivity Problems)

9.   Determine if other computers or individuals can print to this printer. If not, then contact UWB IT because the problem may be with the actual printer itself.

10.   At this point it is worth trying to re-add the network printer. Directions can be found on our UWB IT webpage. http://www.uwb.edu/it

11.   If none of these steps successfully fix the problem or if you have any further questions, contact UWB IT.