Outlook Anywhere for Mac

How to setup your Outlook UWB email from a non UWB owned Mac computer

With the new upgraded email, you can set up your Outlook UWB email account on your home/office Mac. It will work and look just like it does when you are on campus using Outlook at your primary workstation (UWB owned computer).

 Automatic configuration

  • Open Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac.
  • Outlook will display one of the two windows below, allowing you to add a new account.
    • (If you see window "a," click "Add Account." Then proceed to Step 3.)Outlook welcome screen
    • (If you see window "b," click Tools> Accounts... to get to the Accounts screen. Then proceed to Step 3.) Outlook setup screen
  • When prompted for which type of account you would like to add, click Exchange.

Outlook account addition screen

  • Enter your username, domain, and password in the specified text fields. Check the option for “Configure automatically”. Click Add Account.

Outlook configuration screen

  • Outlook will automatically configure the account to match the found settings and will populate the user's inbox with their messages, calendar, contacts, and tasks.
  • A new window will appear that lists which accounts are available.

Outlook account settings screen

  • Close this window and now Outlook is fully configured and useable.

Manual configuration

If for some reason automatic configuration does not work please follow the steps below.

  • Uncheck the box "Configure automatically."
  • Enter mail.uwb.edu in the Server field.
  • Click Add Account.

Outlook account configuration screen

  • Click Advanced...

Outlook accounts screen

  • Enter the information below and then click OK:
    • In the "Server" field under Microsoft Exchange, enter "mail.uwb.edu".
      • Uncheck the box next to "Override default port".
      • Check the box next to "Use SSL to connect (recommended)".
      • Uncheck the box next to "Download headers only".
    • In the "Server" field under Directory Service, enter "dns1.uwb.edu".
      • Uncheck the box next to "Override default port".
      • Uncheck the box next to "Use SSL to connect (recommended)".
      • Check the box next to "Log in with my Exchange account credentials".
    • For "Maximum number of results to return," enter "1000".
    • Leave the "Search base" field blank.​

Outlook server setup screen

  • Close the window; Outlook is now fully configured and useable.