Outlook 2010 for PC Users: Configuring Email for First Time Use

Outlook 2010 is the default mail program on UWB windows computers. It provides a sleek user interface and automatic configuration for first time use. 


For the easiest setup, use the automatic configuration explained below

  • Outlook 2010 will automatically configure, simply click on the Outlook icon and it will configure and populate the inbox.




Manual Configuration

1. Open control panel and select the mail option.


2. In the mail setup window, select “E-mail Accounts”. 


3. Click “New”.


4. Select the option to add a new email account, then click next.


5. Select the option for manual configuration.Click next.


6. You will be prompted about which service you want to configure, select the “Microsoft Exchange” option.


7. For the server information, enter casarray.uwb.edu. Your username will automatically fill in based on your login credentials you used for logging into the computer. Click on More Settings.


8. Once in the More Settings window, click on the Connection tab. Enable the option to “Connect to Microsoft Exchange through HTTP”, then click on “Exchange Proxy Settings”.


9. For the exchange proxy settings, enter mail.uwb.edu for the URL that exchange will connect to. Enable option for “Connect using SSL only” as well as the certificate option. Under the certificate option, enter msstd:mail.uwb.edu. For the authentication options, select the “NTLM Authentication” option. Click OK.


10. Click Next.

11. You will then be shown a screen that congratulates you on successfully creating a new Exchange account. The account can now be access through Outlook 2010. This account will also be able to access Outlook from off campus networks without any additional settings required.


Commonly Reported Pop-Up Windows (if you are a PC User connecting to Outlook for the first time after the campus upgrade)


The pop-up dialog boxes below have been reported to IT and are commonplace for the type of upgrade that all of our email accounts have undergone.  You may/may not see one or more of these pop-up messages when you connect to your Exchange Account after the updates have taken place.  They are safe and familiar so feel free to click on "OK" or enter your user credentials as requested.  If you have any questions or notice any other pop-up notifications, please do not hesitate to contact the UWB IT Helpdesk.

"Outlook needs to close after Administrator made changes to system"


In this event, you will need to close out Outlook and reopen the program. This will appear if your account has been upgraded to Exchange 2010 while you were logged in. After Outlook has been restarted, it will be able to connect to your email and function normally.



Experiencing errors when connecting to your UWB mail?

Please see the commonly asked questions below.