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Outlook 07 - Create a Distribution List

A distribution list is a list of email addresses. Once set up, you can send a message to everyone on the list simply by sending the message to the list name.

Create the Distribution List

1. Start Outlook

2. Select File > New > Distribution List

3. Give the distribution list a descriptive name in the Name field. This is the name you will use when you are sending a message to the entire list.

Add Names to the List

Use Add New to enter the names yourself, particularly if the names have non-UW email addresses.

1. Click  Add New

2. Type the Display name and E-mail address of the member being added then click OK.

4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to add other members.

5. Click Save & Close when you are finished adding members.

Use Select Members to add members from the Address Book and/or Contacts.

1. Click on Select Members.


2. Select the Address Book you want to search.

3. Double-click a name from the list. It will be appear in the Members box.

3. Click OK when you finish adding members to the list.

4. Click Save & Close to save the distribution list.


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- Contact the IT Helpdesk
- Microsoft Support Page

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