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Microsoft Office 2007 Overview


The Office Button



The Office Button is located in the upper-left of the program window and is identified by the Office logo. It is found in all of the office 2007 programs.  The Office button replaces the old File drop-down menu. Clicking the button allows you to open, save, print, and retrieve your recent documents.

The Ribbon


The Ribbon replaces the menu bar and the toolbars of previous versions of Office. It has three components: tabs, groups, and commands.

Tabs are situated along the top of the Ribbon. Each tab groups tasks according to their function. In the picture above, the Home tab has been selected. The other tabs are Insert, Page Layout, etc. Clicking on each tab will display a different set of commands. Word, Access, Excel, Outlook, and Power Point display the Ribbon, and each program has its own set of tabs.

Groups are clusters of related commands that you need for a particular task. They are displayed when clicking on a particular tab. For example, in the picture above, click the Home tab displays the Clipboard and Font groups. 

Commands are arranged in groups. A command can be a button, a menu, or a box where you enter information. In the picture above, the Font group contains buttons and dropdown menus.

To see how the unique groups differ for each tab, refer the picture below - the Insert tab reveals a new set of groups and commands.


Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar is designed to be customizable, allowing you to add buttons that you often use. To add buttons click the drop-down and click the button you desire.



The Help feature is now accessible by clicking the new Help icon, located in the top right hand corner. 



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