Nball Outlook 2010 Rule

NBALL (North Branch) is the Mailman email distribution list for all UW Bothell faculty and staff. By default, every new faculty/staff member is added to the NBALL list, along with any departmental lists that apply. Although unsubscribing is not allowed (important campus messages are often sent out through NBALL), users with (Microsoft Outlook) email accounts can set up "rules" that automatically move NBALL messages to a certain folder. This is a fairly painless process that opens the door to several other possibilities using the Outlook Rules Wizard.

Filtering NBALL messages on a PC using Outlook 2010

1. Open up Outlook 2010, if not already in it

2. Click on File, and Rules and Alerts


Here is where you will create the rule to filter the NBALL messages into a separate folder.

3.Click the New Rule button


4. Click and check the box next to "send to people or public group" and click next


5. Click and check the box next to "from people or public group"


6. Click on the blue link in the lower box to specify who you would like to create the rule for


7. While looking through the users, type UWB NBALL in the search box and select UWB NBALL- users list, and click OK


8. Click on the blue link that says specify to select a folder were the messages will go to


9. A menu will appear for you to select a folder to move the messages to

10. Click on the New.. button to create a New Folder, and name the folder NBALL



11. Click next, here you will see the options Outlook gives you for filtering the messages, you can leave itset  to the default setting it gives you

12. Click next, here Outlook will allow you to make any exceptions to the rule, you can use the default settings it gives you

13. Click next, here you can name the rule, in the same window, click and check the boxes next to "run this rule now on messages already in "Inbox"", and "turn on this rule"


14. Now you can click Finish

This rule will automatically move the NBALL messages to the folder you created rather than putting them in the "Inbox" folder. This can be used to create rules used for other senders as well.

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