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Outlook 2007 - Adding a Second Mailbox

Some staff or faculty may need to access a shared mailbox. For example, our Helpdesk has a mailbox that all of the Helpdesk technician access so that they can respond and manage email requests.

Adding an additional Mailbox

1. Launch Outlook

2. Click Tools on the menu bar, then click Account Settings...

3. Click the Change...button.

4. Click the More Settings... button.

5. Click the Advanced tab.

6. Click the Add... button then type the mailbox name of the person or resource box that you want to add.Click OK

7. Verify that the name of the mailbox you added displays in the Mailboxes list. Click Apply then OK.

8. Click Next and then Finish.

9. The new mailbox will be located in the Mail Navigation Pane.


Need More Information...

- Contact the IT Helpdesk
- Microsoft Online Tutorials