Adding a Sender to the Spam Filter List in Outlook 2010.

Adding a sender to the spam filter list in Outlook 2010.

The University of Washington blocks tries to block ‘most’ of the spam emails going to your and accounts.  If you receive a suspicious email and/or spam email you can add the sender to your spam email list by following the directions below.

How to block an email address in Outlook 2010.

Double click the email in your inbox and hit block sender.

Alternatively, you can add them to your safe list if the email is incorrectly marked “Spam”.


How to block email addresses in Gmail.
Open the email and hit the “Report Spam” button

Remember to check your spam folder regularly as legitimate emails are sometimes incorrectly marked.

  • If you do receive a legitimate email in the Spam Folder you can open the email and hit the “Not Spam” button to send it to your inbox.


How to block email addresses in Alpine


For Alpine: Check the box next to the email and hit “Report Spam”

Forwarding and Spam

The University of Washington Bothell does not filter email’s that were forwarded from domains. If you have email forwarding set up you will most likely not receive email filtering.