Exchange 2010 on Apple devices

Configuring Exchange 2010 on an Apple mobile device.

1. Click Settings.


2. Select Mail, Calendars and Contacts.

3. Click Add Account.

4. Select Microsoft Exchange email option. 


5. Enter the information for the email address you are trying to connect, the domain, and your username and password. For the Domain, use (not optional). For username, use only the first part of the email address. Click Next.


6. You will get a similar screen asking for server information, use as the server name. Click next.


7. Your information will be verified and a new screen with preferences with what information you would like to sync to the device will show. Select the preferences you want to sync, then click save.


The device will then begin importing messages and folders on the server for your account. You will be able to see all of the folders you have created under the mailboxes view. You are now able to send, reply and view email messages from the device.

Removing an account

1. Go into the settings menu.


2. Click on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

3. Click on the exchange account that you wish to remove.


4. A new pop-up window will appear, with the big red button saying “Delete Account”. Click the “Delete Account” button.


5. Another window will pop-up and ask if you want to remove all contacts, calendars, and reminders from the devices that were tied to your exchange account. Click “Delete”.


6. The account has now been deleted from the device.


Considering syncing your contacts?

Please consider the following:

1. Syncing contacts to your apple device.

2. Ability to wipe device to factory settings.




Commonly Reported Pop-Up Windows (if you are using a Mobile Apple device)


The pop-up dialog boxes below have been reported to IT and are commonplace for the type of upgrade that all of our email accounts have undergone.  You may/may not see one or more of these pop-up messages when you connect to your Exchange Account after the updates have taken place.  They are safe and familiar so feel free to click on "OK" or enter your user credentials as requested.  If you have any questions or notice any other pop-up notifications, please do not hesitate to contact the UWB IT Helpdesk.

"Cannot get mail"


If you experience this pop-up on your mobile device, please try the following:

  • Re-type your password
  • Retype the domain name, still using "UWB"

If neither of these work, follow the steps for deleting the account from the device. This will not affect any of the messages in your inbox.




Having trouble?

Are you seeing pop-up alerts you do not understand? 


Please see the common errors below.


Don't forget...the IT Helpdesk is here to help!  Contact us for assitance.