PowerSave Exemptions

Since PowerSave is merely putting computers to sleep (not turning them off), we expect very few exceptions to this initiative.

Requests for exceptions to the PowerSave policy must be directed to the appropriate Vice Chancellor for your group. IT will only be able to create an exception for a computer if directed to do so by your Vice Chancellor. Power consumption will still be measured, but your computer will not go to sleep.

Examples of appropriate exceptions may include:

  • Computers required to run critical campus operations 24/7, such as the computers running the building HVAC systems
  • Computers required to run 24/7 unattended programming for critical research projects

To request an exception, please send your Vice Chancellor a request including the reason for the exception, your contact information, and computer inventory number (the purple sticker on your computer case). If approved, your Vice Chancellor will forward the request to IT for processing.