Priorities for Repurposing Used Computers

When is a computer re-purposed? 

Re-purposed computers are used for temporary or student staff, for adjunct faculty members, and in cases where additional computers are needed

How is that prioritized? 

IT and the Budget and Planning Committee have identified a few priorities to guide us in case we get more requests for used computers than we can supply:

  1. Temporary or student staff who has no other options for computer use.  Temporary and student staff are expected to share computers whenever possible.
  2. Faculty in shared offices where scheduling makes it impossible to share a workstation (adjunct faculty are expected to share computers where possible). Please note that there must be both an ethernet connection and enough space in the shared office to make this possible.
  3. Additional computers for faculty research projects (Assistant Professors pursuing tenure) when there other resources, such as program funds, for purchasing a computer.